X-ray showing hip implantX-ray showing hip implant

Arm yourself against joint replacement allergies.

Sensiband is a simple, affordable, and fast way to test for metal allergies before joint replacement surgery.

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Before it’s put in your body, try it on your wrist.

Before you buy clothes, you try them on. Before you buy a car, you take it for a test drive. Yet we don’t check to make sure there are no adverse reactions to a certain metal before it's permanently implanted.

Be your own advocate

Sensiband empowers people to find out first.

Diagram illustrating various implants
Sensiband metal allergy testSensiband metal allergy test

Find out

before it goes in.

If you notice a reaction from a Sensiband metal, tell your surgeon. They can easily choose a different type of implant to avoid placing metals in your body to which you are allergic.
Sensiband metal allergy test
Arm showing signs of an allergic reaction
Actual example after one week using Sensiband
Arm showing signs of an allergic reaction
Would you want something that causes this reaction inside your body?


“A growing body of evidence suggests…”

A growing problem

Allergies are on the rise. Nobody really knows why.

Here’s the truth: there is still much we don’t understand about allergies. What causes them? Why have they seemingly increased in recent years? Why do different people react in different ways? One thing we do know: many people have shown allergies to various metals. Yet despite that fact, devices containing metal are typically implanted in our bodies during surgery without prior testing for allergic reactions.
Illustration representing knee pain
Woman with neck pain

What if it isn’t “all in your head”?


Created and designed by surgeons

Sensiband metal allergy test

Sensiband is the fast and easy way to check for allergies before your procedure.

Find out first with Sensiband.