Sensiband Testimonials

January 16, 2024

Positive copper reaction and a green wrist but now I know what sets of my dumb skin. Cheaper and more convenient than waiting for Dr appt.


February 12, 2024                                                                                                  Paul J.

As a life-long allergy sufferer, I am always doing research on my condition. I discovered Sensiband from a press release I saw and looked at the website before ordering one.

January 9, 2024
Long post alert…Never stop fighting for your kids!
My sweet Landry started to not feel well last summer. Stomach and chest pains, terrible heartburn and acid reflux. It got so bad, we did ultrasounds, echos, ekgs.
Her blood work finally revealed she had a low allergy to wheat, milk and eggs. We thought that was the answer!
We went to an allergist and they put her on a full elimination diet of no wheat, eggs, milk or soy. This was hard for an 8 year old, but she was a rockstar. After a few months, she felt a little better but no major improvements. And she was losing weight like crazy. The doctor kept wanting to put her on various medications but my mama heart knew that wasn’t going to fix the problem. The medicines were just bandaids for symptoms and weren’t actually getting to the root problem of why this all started. Keep fighting for your kids!
We switched things up and found a holistic doctor that looked at Landry as a whole. Within an hour, the doctor asked if Landry was allergic to metal. They were concerned she was and her few braces and expander in her mouth were making her sick. As we thought back to the timing of when the dental work was done in her mouth, she started feeling sick within a few weeks after. Oh my goodness!
Over the last few weeks we tested Landry for the most common metals that are used in dental work and she came back as allergic to nickel. Yesterday we went to the orthodontist and they confirmed nickel was in their products. Even stainless steel has nickel. They also shared that one of the sealers they use includes a form of gluten. She’s literally been swallowing nickel into her system for 6 months and it’s been making her sick. More than likely, it also increased the reaction she was having to other food sensitivities because her body was fighting off the nickel. So as of yesterday, we removed the braces and expander. Now it’s time to heal!
Keep fighting to get to the root cause! Had we not caught it, she would’ve gotten a full mouth of braces in 6 months with more metal…and more sickness. Please make sure you know if your child is allergic to metal before you put it in their mouth for years.
We love our sweet Landry and are so very thankful for answers. And we are so grateful to our orthodontist for acting fast and helping us come up with a plan to get her teeth straight without making her sick. 💕
PS: The metal test we ordered was from Sensiband. We got the dental implant one. Worth it!! And it fit Landry’s little wrist.
December 6, 2023
Rose M.
So thankful I ordered this before my knee replacement!! You guessed it I was allergic to the two metals used in my knee replacement!! Md got a me titanium knee.
October 31, 2022
Tim O.
It worked great thank you so much, I’ll feel better about my knee knowing I’m not allergic to the metal.